About Us

Artisan Realty is a cutting edge boutique style real estate agency. We are experts at the internet marketing of real estate. We put our clients interests and needs first.

At Artisan Realty our job is to help you to make good decisions in your real estate transactions.  We are trusted advisors. We are experts in real estate. Our team of brokers have more than 100 years of brokerage experience. Our agents know their markets, pricing trends and they are expert negotiators. We are a different kind of real estate company.

If you are considering becoming a client of Artisan Realty as a buyer or a seller you can be assured that there is a knowledgeable broker watching over the details of your transaction. You can also be assured that the agent who you are working with is drawn to work with Artisan Realty because of our philosophy. We all share a common vision to help people make good decisions.  It is the same philosophy that Dan’s father Jim held tight to at Aron-Drex Realty. We put our client’s interest first.

Artisan Realty is unlike the bigger franchises and corporate mega offices that appear to dominate the real estate market. At Artisan Realty you can pick up the phone and talk direct with the broker. It is the kind of service and attention to clients needs that was available in 1945.


Artisan broker Dan Beirne is a second generation real estate broker. Dan’s father Jim Beirne opened up Aron-Drex Realty in Drexel Hill in 1946. Along with his partner Lester Elliott, Jim was able to deliver a friendly and honest real estate service for more than 50 years. Selling more than 4,000 homes in the Delaware County area.

In 1982, Jim asked Dan to work in the real estate business. Dan was #6 out of a family of 8 kids. Jim told Dan to show up the next day, wear a clean white shirt and to be ready to work. He explained to Dan that it didn’t make sense to just work in real estate; to be successful you needed to become an expert. Dan learned that the agents who work in the office always needed to be honest and completely upfront with their clients.

To become the expert Dan had to take every real estate course offered by the local real estate associations and to work toward earning a broker’s license in Pennsylvania. Dan became the top salesman, real estate conveyancer, property manager, and eventually broker of record. Along the way in his career Dan worked as a Pennsylvania Broker Appraiser. He opened and managed a real estate title insurance company.

In the year 2000, Dan moved briefly to San Francisco to work for a start-up company called ZipRealty. This company had the novel idea that real estate’s future was tied to the internet. At ZipRealty Dan was the first broker to successfully market and sell homes through the internet in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Dan continued with the company as broker for Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware until 2012. In 2013 Dan created Artisan Realty a boutique real estate company that leverages the internet to market and sell real estate.

A boutique real estate company is able adapt to new technology and new methods of selling real estate. They can act quickly and effectively while the bigger companies around us are still doing things the old fashioned way. In a day and age when clients use their cellphones to find houses and when homes compete for attention in huge portals like Zillow and Trulia you really need a sharp internet marketing expert in your corner. Our clients understand this and that is why they choose Artisan Realty to represent them. We are experts at the internet marketing of real estate. Dan is also a popular real estate teacher at Polley Associates in Newtown Square. Dan enjoys teaching and sharing his insights and knowledge with competing companies and agents.